Ask M&S to stop funding hate

Hate-filled media stories are creating a violent culture of hostility towards migrants and refugees.

A recent United Nations report singled out the UK’s media as being “uniquely aggressive in its campaigns against refugees and migrants.”[1]

The Daily Mail leads the pack, relentlessly portraying migrants in a negative light, only ever seeing them as a problem and never as human beings who can enrich the societies where they relocate.

Given the rise in violent hate crime that we’ve seen in recent months, we need to stand up to the parts of the media that are helping legitimise racist and xenophobic attitudes. That means challenging the Daily Mail.


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Newspapers depend on advertising revenues that come from large high-street companies – like Marks and Spencer.

Marks and Spencer proudly proclaims its ethical business credentials and presents itself to the world as a socially responsible company. So why are they associating themselves with newspapers that promote hate?

M&S are feeling the heat. At their Annual Gathering Meeting, they said that they need more proof that customers are unhappy with the deal with the Daily Mail. If you've ever shopped at M&S you'll know that customer service and opinion means a lot to them. Over 61,000 people across the country taken action by emailing Steve Rowe or signing petitions asking M&S to stop advertising in the Daily Mail. But we need to keep the pressure up.

Call on M&S to withdraw its special offers and advertising deals with the Daily Mail. Give them the proof they need. 

Big companies like Lego and The Body Shop have recently announced that they will not advertise in the Daily Mail. With your help, we can add another big brand to the list and make sure that selling hate becomes bad business.

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