Ask your MP: Make polluters pay for the climate crisis

As Rishi Sunak backtracks on the UK's net zero plans, people around the world are facing the deepening consequences of our changing climate. 

Rather than going backwards, countries like the UK should be making big polluters pay for the climate loss and damage they are causing.

The UK is home to polluting corporate giants like Shell and BP, as well as banks like Barclays which are funding the climate crisis. Historically, the UK is the fifth biggest CO2 emitter in the world.

While Shell and BP made a combined £55 billion in profits last year, communities in the global south which have contributed the least to the climate crisis are bearing the brunt of climate disasters.

We must demand the UK makes a major contribution to the UN’s Loss and Damage Fund at the COP28 climate conference in November. The money is there if politicians make polluters pay up for it. 

Can you email your MP and ask them to back our campaign?

Photo: David Levene/Oxfam

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