AstraZeneca: why is the global south paying more for vaccines?

The government of South Africa has paid more than double the price that European countries have been charged for Covid-19 vaccines, while Uganda is paying three times the EU price. As a two dose vaccine, together with shipping costs, the total cost per person in Uganda is $17. And this is a country where the average person earns just $2 a day.

This is outrageous - the vaccine was publicly funded and countries in the global south should not be charged more than rich countries.

We only know these prices because they were leaked, this is not good enough. Information about pricing should be in the open.

Ask AstraZeneca today to urgently release their pricing strategy and to ensure their pledge of non-profit pricing is applied fairly to all countries so that no lower-income country pays more for the vaccine than high income countries.

Photo: rafapress/Shutterstock