Coronavirus: Drop the debt

Countries around the world need to massively scale up their health budgets to fight the coronavirus crisis. But lower-income countries are due to spend $40 billion on debt payments in 2020 alone.

In Mali, the country has 20 ventilators for a population of 19 million. In Haiti, there are 64 ventilators to cover 11 million people. Kenya has 130 beds in intensive care units, for 50 million people. We have 4,000 ICUs in the UK – and we all know it’s not enough.

The UN has called this crisis the biggest challenge for the world since World War Two, and called for global solidarity. That starts by dropping the debt.

Please sign the petition to the UK Chancellor now.

  • jennifer p 24.06.2022 16:22
  • Jessica F 14.06.2022 12:34