Covid-19: stop big pharma monopolies

The governments of India and South Africa have put a proposal on the table of the World Trade Organisation to suspend the unjust rules that prop up big pharma monopolies. If approved, this would be a massive game-changer - it would allow as many suppliers as possible to manufacture Covid-19 tests, treatments and vaccines to maximise global supply and enable all countries to access affordable Covid-19 health products. It would put public health before corporate profit.

But the proposal needs support from all member countries of the World Trade Organisation. Each country will have to decide if they want to defend public health or if they want to defend corporate monopolies but they can’t have both.

Take action now and email the UK government to support this proposal

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Global trade rules impose powerful monopoly rights for big pharma. This artificially restricts supply and sustains high medicine prices allowing big pharma to profit and sell to the highest bidder. Countries with the most money will get Covid-19 vaccines and treatments first, leaving countries in the global south without. This is bad enough during normal times but during a global pandemic, this is simply unacceptable.