Dangerous deals are being done in the dark

Please note: if you live in Scotland, please use this link to take action. 

Chlorine washed chicken, privatised healthcare, weak banking regulations. We keep hearing how post-Brexit trade deals, particularly with the US, could open the door for these things here. And the danger is not just for us. Deals that the UK might do with countries in the global south, such as India, could threaten access to medicines for millions of people and push countries into privatising public services.

The UK government has already started preparing for these deals behind closed doors. Parliament has no say in starting, negotiating, amending or signing these deals – and the people have no voice.

Can we trust trade ministers, like Liam Fox, to make all the right choices if they don’t even have to tell us what is being decided? If we are to see trade work for people and not just big business, we have to ensure that the way deals are struck is open, honest and democratic.

The government has now brought a trade bill to parliament, meaning we have a matter of months to make trade democratic. MPs need to know what is at stake.

Please ask your MP to call for parliamentary scrutiny of trade deals.

Dangerous trade deals being done in the dark