Don’t let corporate courts block climate action

Corporate courts give fossil fuel companies the power to sue governments for taking action on the climate emergency. They are an obstacle to a clean energy transition and to achieving climate justice.

Fossil fuel comapnies are already using corporate courts to sue governments for over $18 billion - and that's just a start. Industry insiders reckon the amounts at stake could be over $9 trillion. The UK needs to drop corporate courts in new trade deals, and exit the Energy Charter Treaty.

Since we started campaigning on this, we've won on two of our demands - the UK has dropped corporate courts from the UK-Australia and UK-Canada trade deals. Now we need to keep up the pressure for the UK to exit the Energy Charter Treaty and stop joining Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Tell Boris Johnson and the trade department not to let corporate courts block climate action.

For more information read our briefing: Climate injustice: How corporate courts block climate action

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