Don't delay, dump dirty development now!

Thanks to the hard work of frontline communities and activists, the UK government has finally agreed to stop funding fossil fuels overseas. But we need your help to make sure this happens immediately, with no loopholes that would allow further support to be given to climate-wrecking projects in the global south.

On 12 December, the Prime Minister announced that the UK would stop funding fossil fuels overseas "as soon as possible". Whilst a hugely welcome announcement, the lack of detail has left many worried that further projects may still be financed.

We've since found out that UK Export Finance, the UK's biggest funder of overseas fossil fuels, is still considering applications from at least 17 projects, including the gigantic East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline, which it could try to fund before the ban comes into place.

Fortunately for us, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has launched a consultation to decide the timeline and small print of the policy. We need to use all of our people power to tell the government to dump dirty development and stop using public funds to invest in polluting projects in the global south.

Will you respond to the consultation and tell government to dump dirty development without delay?

More information about the consultation can be found here, but we have also set up a form for you to respond directly.