Don't let fossil fuel companies block climate action

Corporate courts give fossil fuel companies the power to sue governments for taking action on the climate emergency. They are an obstacle to a clean energy transition and to achieving climate justice.

Fossil fuel companies are already using corporate courts to sue governments for over $18 billion - and that's just a start. Industry insiders reckon the amounts at stake could be over $9 trillion. The UK needs to drop corporate courts in new trade deals like the Pacific trade deal, and exit the Energy Charter Treaty.

Since we started campaigning on this, we've won on two of our demands - the UK has dropped corporate courts from the UK-Australia and UK-Canada trade deals. Now we need to keep up the pressure for the UK to exit the Energy Charter Treaty and stop joining Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Tell the prime minister and the trade department not to let corporate courts block climate action.

For more information read our briefing: Climate injustice: How corporate courts block climate action

Photo: Andrea Domeniconi

  • Joseph S 10.04.2024 18:45