Give Scotland a say on trade deals

As we approach Brexit, the UK government is gearing up to negotiate trade deals of its own – including with the US

There’s no doubt that we’ll feel the effects of these kinds of trade deals here in Scotland: on our public services, our food safety standards and our laws to protect workers rights and the environment. And yet, as things stand, Scotland will have no voice.

The UK government has published a Trade Bill which is going through the parliament at Westminster right now. But there’s a huge omission in the bill: there is no say for our elected politicians here in Scotland.

We can change that if we act now. The UK government needs the Scottish parliament to give its consent to the Trade Bill before it becomes law. The Scottish parliament could withhold that consent until the Bill is changed to ensure that our elected politicians here in Scotland have a say on all post-Brexit trade deals.

We can make sure that happens. Please sign our open letter to the Scottish parliament now.

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