Global reset: Can we ensure the climate has a future after the coronacrisis?

Thursday 18 June, 6.30pm (BST)

Join our international panel as they explore possibilities and the actions we can take to win a brighter, greener future.

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  • Nnimmo Bassey, a leading environmental activist in Nigeria, former chair of Friends of the Earth International and author of To Cook a Continent: Destructive Extraction and the Climate Crisis in Africa.
  • Alice Picard, board member of ATTAC France, which is leading calls for a “social and ecological revolution” in the wake of Covid-19.
  • Danni Paffard, head of organising, Green New Deal UK, and part of the Build Back Better campaign.

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The world is at a crossroads. Across the planet there is a realisation that ‘back to normal’ after the coronavirus crisis is neither possible nor desirable. We could see leaders try to shore up an unsustainable global economy which has driven us to the brink of climate disaster – or we could rewrite the rules to put people and planet first.

The crisis has shown us that many of the things we thought were inevitable, from car-choked streets to constrained public spending, were not. Now we need to rally around a vision of coronavirus recovery for the world that treats the climate crisis as urgently and seriously as Covid-19. That vision includes the rejection of the free market dogmas of the past, a commitment to ensure universal access to public healthcare, and a global stimulus for green industries and infrastructure, rather than unconditional bailouts for aviation and other polluting sectors.