Join the fight for affordable medicines

UK taxpayers are funding billions of pounds worth of research into life-changing drugs - only for them to be taken over by multinational pharmaceutical companies who sell them back to the NHS at eye-watering prices.

Our new report reveals that every year the NHS spends more than £1bn on drugs we have already paid a substantial part of the research for.

High drug prices are crippling NHS budgets and leaving people across the world unable to afford life-saving medicines. Globally, millions of people die every year because they cannot afford the medicines they need and even the NHS has had to ration vital medicines because they’re too expensive.

Too often the research gets bought up by companies who then go on to charge extortionate prices for the medicines. We end up paying twice – first for the research and then in high prices, meanwhile companies make eye-watering profits.

We’ve joined forces with Missing Medicines – a coalition of UK organisations fighting for affordable medicines globally..

Email your MP and tell them that public medical research should benefit patients rather than lining the pockets of pharmaceutical companies.  

Join the fight for affordable medicines