Keep chlorine chicken and maggot-filled food out of the UK

Already secret talks have taken place between Trump’s team and UK government officials, as Boris desperately tries to secure a trade deal with Trump after Brexit.

And if Trump gets his way, Brits are in for a shock at dinner time – our food could be contaminated with rat hair, insects and maggots.

US food standards are vastly lower than the EU’s – meaning a maggot in a carton of orange juice or 11 rat hairs in a small pot of paprika is perfectly acceptable. And that food could be shipped to Britain as soon as a deal is signed.

If that wasn’t bad enough – US producers wash chicken meat with chemicals like chlorine to mask dirty conditions and low animal welfare standards. That means more cruelty for animals, and more risk of food poisoning for us.

Trump can’t wait to rip up our regulations so he can start shipping his dodgy food to our shores to make huge profit: it’s up to us to expose and oppose this toxic trade deal.

If you don’t want maggots, rat hairs and insects in your food, or chicken washed in chlorine, sign our petition to oppose this toxic trade deal.

Electoral communications published by N Dearden on behalf of Global Justice Now, both of 66 Offley Road, London SW9 0LS!