Moderna: No profiteering from Covid-19 vaccines

The US company, Moderna has refused to price its potential Covid-19 vaccine at-cost.

Even though it has received almost $1bn in public money to help develop the vaccine. Moderna’s reported price tag of $50-$60 per course would be the highest price cited for a potential vaccine so far and makes this vaccine expensive for all countries and especially for lower income countries.

An effective vaccine will play a vital part in ending this global pandemic and so it can’t be a luxury item for the rich only.

Ask Moderna to commit to a non-profit price and share its vaccine with the world by committing the vaccine to the WHO’s Covid-19 patent pool so that other companies can make the vaccine

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Pharmaceutical companies can charge whatever price they want and profiteer during a crisis because new drugs and vaccines are patented and this creates a legal monopoly. There should be no monopolies during a global pandemic and any vaccine that is effective to tackle Covid-19 should be a global public good - affordable to all countries and free to the public.

One way to do this is for drug companies to share their vaccine - along with the research and the technical know-how - with the World Health Organisation’s Covid-19 Technology Access Pool. The technical know-how can be shared and licences can be provided to enable other manufacturers to make the vaccine - not only will this ensure more affordable prices but will also help ensure sufficient quantities are produced for the world.

Photo: NurPhoto/Getty Images