MPs: back the amendment for trade democracy

The government’s Trade Bill is now before parliament.

As it stands, it's a power grab. It doesn’t give parliament or the public any role at all in overseeing future trade deals. Instead, it gives trade secretary Liam Fox a blank cheque to negotiate over our food standards, our public services like the NHS, and corporate courts – with MPs reduced practically to spectators.

But we have a chance to make the Trade Bill something to celebrate.

Caroline Lucas, the Green Party MP, has tabled a cross-party amendment to the bill, labelled NC3 in the parliamentary papersIt would mean real scrutiny, genuine democracy and actual transparency for trade deals being negotiated in the future

The bill is currently on hold while the government tries to avoid defeat over a different Brexit-related amendment. But it could start being debated again any day. When it comes back to the House of Commons, all MPs will get a vote.

We must push every single MP to support amendment NC3 and give themselves a future role in the UK’s future trade policy and relationships.

Please ask your MP to VOTE for trade democracy now.

Vote for trade democracy