MPs not border guards

In partnership with Migrants Organise

Since 2012, MPs have turned hundreds of migrants over to immigration officials. In a democratic society, this is an unacceptable practice. Everyone should have the right to safely meet their member of parliament and expect representation without fear of being detained or deported.

People approach their MPs for support, often as a last resort in a time of need. Migrants often need assistance and advice with their immigration, visas or citizenship applications. MPs are in a position of trust and authority, and it is a grotesque breach of that trust to inform on people who need their support to the Home Office, a department whose dysfunctional procedures have resulted in considerable injustice towards hundreds of thousands of people living in the UK, including the recent Windrush cases.

You can take action today. Write to your MP and ask them to reassure their constituents by signing the public pledge and committing to not report constituents to the Home Office for immigration enforcement. All MPs should provide fair and just representation for everyone living in their constituency, whatever their immigration status. We need our MPs to lead by example and take a stand to ensure this country, and our democratic system, is a welcome and safe place for all.

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MP’s surgeries should not be a place where the government’s ‘hostile environment’ approach towards migrants is allowed to flourish. In recent years over 700 people have been reported to the Home Office by MPs, but the true figure could be far higher as reporters can remain anonymous if they choose.

Denying migrants in the UK access to essential rights and services is a key part of the hostile environment. Under this inhumane approach, borders have become part of day-to-day life with doctors, landlords and employers being forced to act as border agents. MPs too are being drawn into this system and contributing to this climate of hostility: this needs to stop.

MPs not border guards