The next ten years are critical for the climate emergency

We’re calling on the leaders of all the political parties in Scotland to take the urgent action needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and secure a safe climate future – and to set a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2030 and the immediate policy changes to deliver those reductions. The action taken in the next decade is what will make the difference.

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Why we need urgent action

For millions of people around the world, climate change is a crisis which has already arrived. Many of those people have made virtually no contribution to climate change, while just 100 multinational corporations are responsible for 71% of carbon emissions.

Those most affected by climate breakdown are in the global south – in the countries which were impoverished by colonialism and have then had decades of a global economy being rigged against them.

As one of the countries which has grown wealthy through our use of cheap, fossil fuel energy we in Scotland have a responsibility to not just acknowledge the climate emergency – and the global inequality in who suffers most – but to act with urgency and fairness.

Sign this petition today to help make sure that happens.

This is a joint petition with the other organisations of the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland coalition. Together we have a stronger voice.