Support the fight against a trade deal with Trump

The election results has fired the starting gun on a US-UK trade deal which could allow more steroids, hormones and antibiotics in our food, open up the NHS to US corporations, remove limits on prices for vital medicines dictates by ‘big pharma’, and prevent any attempts to regulate digital giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook. 

But the result is not a blank cheque for Boris Johnson to sign any kind of trade deal with Donald Trump. The election has showed how much opposition there is to a trade deal with Trump. We need to take these voices forward. But we need your help.

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A donation from you could:

  • Help create informative communications such as videos to raise public awareness so that decision-makers can’t ignore our demands.
  • Pay for leaflets and other materials for our creative actions in supermarkets highlighting the risks of a US-UK trade deal to the general public and urging them to take action.
  • Allow us to keep lobbying MPs by writing them useful and informative briefings to help persuade them to stop the US-UK trade deal.
  • Help us to organise a UK-wide speaker tour on the dangers of a trade deal with Trump, to catch the attention of the public, the media and key decision-makers.


Call 020 7820 4900 or 0800 328 2153 to give now. Lines are open 9:30am-5:30pm Monday to Friday. Donations to this appeal will fund Global Justice Now's work generally, making our trade campaign possible.