Help stop the corporate-led US-UK trade deal

On 27 July the third round of the US-UK trade negotiations will begin, and corporations are eager to move the toxic trade deal as far along as they can before the US election in November. 

This trade deal could mean lower food standards, weaker chemical regulation, sky high medicine prices and have devastating consequences for countries in the global south.

We urgently need to push our trade campaign to new heights and give it everything we’ve got.

With your donation we can reach new people with our campaign petition, build pressure on the UK government, and organise online webinars and speaker events for activists around the country.

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By donating today your gift can help:


  • £30 could mobilise thousands of people online to lobby MPs to speak out against the US-UK trade deal. 
  • £50 could help create informative communications such as videos and online webinars to raise more public awareness about the dangers of a corporate-driven trade deal.
  • £100 could allow us to keep lobbying MPs by writing useful and informative briefings to help persuade them to stop the toxic US-UK trade deal.
  • £500 could help us organise an online activist assembly to help people connect across the country and coordinate large-scale socially distanced protests.



If you need help making an online donation please email or call 0800 328 2153. Phone lines are open Monday - Friday 9.30am - 1pm.

Donations to this appeal will fund Global Justice Now’s work generally, making our trade campaign possible.