Make polluters pay for their climate damage

Big oil companies are making billions in profits while climate disasters devastate people around the world. Let's make polluters pay for what they've done.

Rich countries and polluting corporations in the global north are the most responsible for climate change.

Yet, billions of people across the global south are being impacted by climate catastrophe, despite being the least responsible for causing it.

Movements from the global south are calling for countries with high historic carbon emissions, like the UK, to pay climate compensation for these impacts, known as 'loss and damage'.

A loss and damage fund was finally set up at COP28 last year. But the UK’s contribution was nowhere near what it owes and polluters still need to be forced to pay for it . We need to stand in solidarity with the global south in their demands.

Tell the UK government to make polluters pay for loss and damage.

Photo: JuliusKielaitis/Shutterstock 

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