Stop big pharma’s £2.5 billion NHS grab!

The pharmaceutical industry is stepping up its efforts to substantially increase the NHS drugs bill – and with MPs back in parliament, a decision is due this autumn.

Pharma lobbyists are pressuring the UK government to water down a key pricing deal known as the voluntary scheme for branded medicines pricing and access (VPAS), which stops the NHS drugs bill spiralling out of control. If agreed, the annual medicines bill could soar by £2.5 billion every year – providing another heavy blow to our already-crumbling NHS.

We need to resist the pharmaceutical industry’s insatiable appetite for profits by building an alternative system that prioritises knowledge-sharing, scientific innovation, and puts lives before profit.

Tell your MP to stop big pharma’s raid on the NHS

  1. Rejecting the pharma industry’s proposal to water down VPAS;
  2. Introducing conditions for all R&D spend by the public sector to maintain the affordability of medicines;
  3. Developing an alternative to the patent system that prioritises knowledge-sharing, scientific innovation, and access to affordable healthcare, and;
  4. Rebuilding public manufacturing centres to kick start a scientific revolution in the UK.

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