Join the fossil fuel exit plan

It’s clear that to tackle the climate crisis we need drastic, bold action – now. Momentum is building for a global treaty to end fossil fuels, and governments, parliamentarians, cities, scientists and organisations are all joining. But we need to get the UK on board.  

Can you donate today to kick start our campaign to make sure the UK is behind the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty?  

With your backing we can mobilise our networks and get more of the public to push for a fair and fast ending of fossil fuels.

  • How your donation can make a difference

    By donating today you could:

    • Help build a mass campaign in support of the treaty  by paying towards production of info materials, social media promotion and training of our activists.

    • Help set up a network of MPs and MSPs to push the treaty  in the UK, Welsh, and Scottish parliaments by paying towards in-depth research and effective lobbying

    • Help put pressure on other governments to endorse the treaty  by linking up with allies internationally and furthering the international grassroots movement.

Photo: Mark Dixon/Flickr CC: BY 2.0