End corporate courts and ensure a fair green transition

Thank you for choosing to donate to help the next phase of our campaign against corporate courts.

Big business shouldn’t be allowed to use corporate courts to monopolise the critical minerals needed for the green transition. We need as many people as possible on board with our campaign to end corporate courts for good and ensure a fair green transition.

Your contribution will enable us to lobby politicians, raise public awareness, and ultimately abolish corporate courts, ensuring a just transition to clean energy for all.

  • How your donation can make a difference
    • £30 could create and promote an online action against corporate courts, to increase public support and up the pressure on our politicians to remove this obstacle to a just green transition. .

    • £50 could produce the briefings needed to lobby MPs to stand against corporate courts, so we can stop mining giants using this trade rule to make huge profits from critical minerals.

    • £100 could mean we can do more in-depth research into critical mineral supply chains, and the new trade negotiations surrounding them.

    • £500 could pay for our campaigners’ travel to meet with international allies so we can co-ordinate our efforts and strengthen the global movement to stop corporate courts.