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We must carry on fighting for as long as injustice continues to exist.

 At the core of Global Justice Now is a community of people who believe that poverty and inequality are unjust and that they can do something about it. Did you know that over two thirds of our income comes from individual supporters such as you?

Our supporters donate and take action to fight for what they believe in – and it works. Together we’ve defeated dangerous trade agreements, forced corporations to end destructive activities and won historic regulation to stop banks betting on food prices. But it’s not over yet and we must carry on fighting for as long as injustice continues to exist.

Of our income from supporters, gifts in wills make up a significant proportion of this total. With a gift in your will to Global Justice Now you can ensure that a voice you trust continues to speak out about global injustice and help the next generation of campaigners and activists fight poverty and inequality for as long as it takes. Small or large, legacy gifts are a really important boost for our campaigns, giving us long term security and making sure the fight for justice continues even after you’re gone.

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“We've campaigned most of our lives for justice for the world's poor. So it makes sense to leave money in our wills to Global Justice Now.” John and Sue Tanner, Oxford