Pledge to boycott the Daily Mail

Hate-filled media stories are creating a violent culture of hostility towards migrants and refugees.

Given the rise in violent hate crime that we’ve seen in recent months, we need to stand up to the parts of the media that are helping legitimise racist and xenophobic attitudes. That means challenging the Daily Mail. Take the pledge now and stand up against the divisive media narrative in the Daily Mail.

"I pledge to boycott the Daily Mail. I will not buy this newspaper that promotes hateful and divisive narratives."

If you take our pledge, we’ll email you a copy of our 'Bin the Daily Mail' poster you can use to spread the word about the Daily Mail’s hate speech and how it affects our communities.

Why we must change the media narrative

More than 25,000 migrants have died in their attempt to reach or stay in Europe since 2000. But this is not a crisis caused by migrants. It is a crisis caused by war, poverty and inequality.

'Migrants welcome here' materials

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Here in the UK, migrants are under attack and xenophobia is on the rise. UK and European governments are increasingly adopting policies which demonise and criminalise migrants.

While the situation was bad before the Brexit referendum, things have got worse since, with a sharp rise in racist attacks and increasingly hostile anti-immigration rhetoric being stirred up by a hateful anti-migrant media agenda.

The media plays an important role in shaping public opinion, which means that its continuous hate towards migrants helps create a more hostile and unpleasant society for us all. Together, we can challenge this narrative by standing up to hateful media like the Daily Mail. One step at a time, we’re creating a better society for all.