Prevent a toxic trade deal with Trump – stop Liam Fox’s Trade Bill

The government is desperate to sign almost any deal with the US that Donald Trump will offer, at the earliest possible date. Our research shows that chlorinated chicken and locking in privatisation of the NHS are just the tip of the iceberg if the UK signs a trade deal with the US.

Trade Secretary Liam Fox is still trying to push through his dangerous Trade Bill as quickly as possible. And it’s only by securing vital amendments to this bill that we can prevent a disastrous US-UK trade deal. The campaign is on a knife-edge and we’re running out of time.

Will you help give our campaign to amend Fox’s Trade Bill the last big push by donating today?

Trade deal with Trump

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Your donation today could:

•    Help us print more petitions and other materials to highlight unjust trade, particularly on the dangers a trade deal with Trump would have for the UK and the global south

•    Help us keep ‘trade watching’, alerting MPs, the public and the media to the dangers of a US-UK trade deal as more details come to light

•    Allow us to keep lobbying MPs and Lords and help persuade them to amend the bill. And persuade the devolved governments in Scotland and Wales to withhold their consent from the current trade bill

•    Help us to organise more joint events, like our very successful ‘Trade Bill Takedown’ event, to catch the attention of the public, the media and key decision-makers



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Donations to this appeal will fund Global Justice Now's work generally, making our campaign for trade democracy possible.