Protect our NHS from a trade deal with Trump

The government has claimed that the NHS and drug pricing are not on the table in a trade deal with Trump. But these are just empty words as the government has already discussed topics that affect the NHS and drug pricing in trade discussions so far. And its negotiating objectives have not ruled out the specific threats to the NHS which are buried in the details of the trade deal: 

  • Existing and future levels of privatisation in the NHS could be locked-in  
  • Our ability to regulate drug prices may not be fully protected 
  • The NHS could be paying high prices for longer because of extended monopoly protection on new drugs 

The NHS is not safe from a US trade deal. We need to expose the government’s rhetoric and let the government know that we are serious about protecting the NHS.  Our parliament has hardly any effective powers of scrutiny and democratic oversight over trade deals and so we need you to keep asking the difficult questions to keep the pressure up.  

Email your MP now to ask the trade secretary to respond to these key threats.

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