Scotland must have a voice on trade deals

The new wave of trade deals (like the EU-US trade agreement TTIP) hand unprecedented levels of power to corporations, weaken democracy and threaten the ability of governments to protect people and the planet. And following Brexit the UK is going to have to negotiate trade deals of its own.

As things stand, Scotland will have no voice in these post-Brexit trade deals. We need to ensure that Scotland has a voice and that our politicians here in Scotland know that we want trade deals that are nothing like TTIP.

Please email your MSPs today and ask them to sign up to Scottish Parliament motion S5M-08521 Trade Justice Scotland, Principles for Just Trade Deals.

Trade deals must honour obligations to human rights, workers’ rights and climate change commitments. Trade should be used to help build a fairer society, not to line the pockets of big business.

No trade deal with Trump