Stand up for justice – stop corporate courts

Corporate courts are not a means of serving justice. They are a means of ensuring people and planet always come second to the profits of multinationals.

But they only exist at all because of dodgy trade and investment deals. And that means we can stop them. Just like we’ve beaten unfair trade deals before.

There’s a rising global movement fighting back and together we have an important role to play – because the UK is one of the biggest players when it comes to the companies suing through these shady tribunals.

We can do this. Trade is high on the national agenda right now and we have a perfect opportunity to push this issue into the limelight and force change. But we need you on board. Donate today to be part of the global fight back

Man shows the crude oil abandoned by Texaco which contaminates the Ecuadorian AmazonCrude oil abandoned by Texaco (now part of Chevron) contaminates the Ecuadorian Amazon. But a corporate court has ruled it's Ecuador who has to compensate Chevron for this disaster.

Check out what your donation could do

Your donation today could make sure we can:

  • Mobilise public opposition – Building on the successes of our campaigns against TTIP and the Trade Bill, we’ll support and inform activists across the country with the resources they need to get the word out and empower new people to take action
  • Lobby decision makers – with hard-hitting briefings and informed petitions, we’ll make sure MPs know the facts about corporate courts and that they hear your  voices telling them to act
  • Expose profiteering companies – with powerful research and public stunts we can get media coverage and shame the corporations who rake in millions from corporate courts at the expense of citizens round the globe
  • Stand in solidarity with communities on the frontline – we’ll amplify the voices of those on the sharp end of these unjust cases and use our position in the UK to strengthen their resistance


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Donations to this appeal will fund Global Justice Now's work generally, making our campaign against corporate courts possible.