Stop big business profiteering from Covid-19

At this time of crisis big pharmaceutical corporations shouldn’t be looking to make a big profit from any Covid-19 vaccine – but they are and it’s shocking.

We’ve seen a lack of transparency from UK company AstraZeneca, and US company Moderna openly saying it will likely charge the highest price for a vaccine we’ve seen yet. An expensive vaccine will block many lower-income countries from accessing it, and we need access for everyone to tackle coronavirus effectively.

Can you donate today to help us keep on exposing profiteering corporations and fighting for changes to stop them?

With your donation we’ll up the pressure on Moderna and other pharmaceutical corporations like it. We’ll also be pushing our government to take action to stop the high pricing of any Covid-19 vaccine.

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A donation from you could make a big difference to our campaign by helping us:

  • Get media coverage to expose pharmaceutical companies charging high prices for a Covid-19 vaccine, getting more of the public behind our campaign and upping the pressure on these corporations. 
  • Raise awareness about high pricing through promoting educational videos and our campaign materials online, reaching more people.
  • Mobilise thousands more people to take action to put pressure on profiteering companies as well as push our government to stand against charging high prices for a vaccine.
  • Up the pressure on our government to take part in a World Health Organisation initiative for global sharing of Covid-19 vaccines and treatments.
  • Co-ordinate our campaign with our allies across the UK and internationally to make sure we have the biggest impact possible collectively.


If you need help making an online donation please email or call 0800 328 2153. Phone lines are open Monday - Friday 9.30am - 1pm.

Donations to this appeal will fund Global Justice Now’s work generally, making our pharmaceuticals campaign possible.

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