Stop big pharma bully tactics

The bullying tactics used by pharmaceutical company, Novartis, to threaten the Colombian government in 2016 were exposed in a recently leaked letter.

This letter is the most recent evidence of the undue pressure that developing countries face when trying to tackle unaffordable medicine prices charged by pharmaceutical companies.

It's time to take a stand so that governments are not bullied out of using their legal right to challenge high prices charged by big pharmaceutical companies.

Our allies have demanded that the Novartis cleans up its act in a global letter. Join us, Access to Medicines Ireland, Act Up London, All-Ukrainian Network of people living with HIV/AIDS, IFARMA, Just Treatment, Misión Salud, Positive Malaysian Treatment Access and Advocacy Group, Public Citizen, STOPAIDS, Treatment Action Campaign and Treatment Action Group - let's call on Novartis to stop bullying countries from taking steps to help people access life-saving medicines.

Novartis protest

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Novartis’ CEO wrote to the President of Colombia to stop the government from exercising its legal right to make a leukemia drug affordable. Novartis had previously priced the drug imatinib, sold by Novartis as Glivec, at twice an average person’s annual income in Colombia.

Under international trade rules, governments have a legal right to break the patent monopoly held by pharmaceutical companies over a medicine in the public’s interest. This enables other companies to produce and sell the medicine at a much cheaper price.

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