Stop the Cumbria coal mine!

Despite claiming to be a climate leader ahead of the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow this November, our government is planning to allow a new coal mine to be built in Whitehaven, Cumbria. Tell Robert Jenrick that he must stop this today!

The new mine is opposed by a range of local and national groups, including South Lakes Action on Climate Change and Global Justice South Lakes. Despite the campaigning of local activists, however, the county council has approved the new mine which could extract 2.78 million tonnes of coal every year until 2050.

The government has given a host of reasons why they want to allow Cumbria Council's decision to stand, absurdly claiming that it is an issue for "local determination".

But we know that climate change is not a local issue. Emissions from a new coal mine in Cumbria can contribute to flooding in Colombo, just as a new gas project in Cabo Delgado can contribute to extreme weather in Kendal.

Fortunately, the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Robert Jenrick, still has the power to "call in" and stop this decision, but has so far failed to do so.

With time running out, we need to force the government's hand and make sure that this mine does not go ahead.

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