Support the campaign for a Covid-19 vaccine for all

The UK government has announced another £210 million record funding on top of the £40 million already committed to the international coalition to find a vaccine for Covid-19.

But once the vaccine has been discovered, big pharmaceutical companies can take patents on the vaccine and charge extortionate prices, leaving millions of people, and entire countries, around the world unable to afford it.

We urgently need to ramp up our campaign to ensure that any vaccine is affordable for everyone, everywhere. Can you help us by donating today?

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By donating today your gift can help:

  • Create informative communications to mobilise the public online and urge them to call on the government to make sure a vaccine is affordable for all.
  • Place critical articles in the mainstream media to highlight the issue, particularly on how a patented vaccine could be disastrous for lower-income countries.
  • Organise webinars and other online public education tools to inform supporters and activists of the campaign and rally them to call for change.
  • Set up online lobby meetings with influential politicians, to convince them to call for conditions on publicly funded research and development.


Due to the Coronavirus crisis we are currently unable to take donations to this appeal over the phone. If you need help making an online donation please email

Donations to this appeal will fund Global Justice Now’s work generally, making our pharmaceuticals campaign possible.