Tell Boris Johnson to stop hijacking the aid budget

On 16 June, the Prime Minister announced plans to merge the Department for International Development with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office later this year. Read our response

This move will accelerate the hijacking of the aid budget into a tool for the benefit of British interests, rather than a means of fighting global poverty. It will take us back towards the ‘bad old days’ when aid was tied to contracts with British companies.

We need to stand up to this hijacking of the aid budget, every step of the way. 

Too much development funding already isn’t going where it is most needed. If this merger goes ahead, even more will be used to promote the privatisation of public services across the world, to grow the UK and City of London’s economic power, and to facilitate sweetheart, post-Brexit trade deals. 

This is not development as we know it. The government’s aid plans are an ideologically-driven attempt to spread the logic of the market to every corner of the globe. British financial institutions are not the best placed organisations to judge how development funding should be spent. For “Global Britain” read: Empire 2.0. 

Please take action today by joining the campaign against the hijacking of the aid budget. 

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Since the 2016 EU Referendum, the Global Britain agenda promoted by successive Conservative governments has repurposed international development to suit the interests of big business and the City of London. 

Instead of reaching the most marginalised communities in the world, aid is being used to invest in things like private school chains, environmentally-damaging industries and upmarket, private healthcare companies. Not only do these investments have questionable development impact; they undermine efforts to tackle climate change, reduce inequalities and build strong public services in the global south. We need to stand up to this.

Photo: Kuhlmann/MSC/Wikimedia