They’re rinsing the NHS – take action!

Riding high on the record profits they made during the Covid-19 pandemic, big pharma are hard at work lobbying the UK government to allow them to profiteer even more off the NHS.

Pharmaceutical companies are looking to overhaul a key NHS pricing deal which prevents the drugs bill from spiralling out of control.

The terms big pharma are demanding would see the NHS shell out an extra £2.5 billion each year on drugs. Our latest  research has shown big pharma has made £12 billion of 'excess profits' from selling just 10 drugs to the NHS over the last decade. Underfunded and understaffed by a decade of Conservative governments, the last thing the NHS needs is pharma companies hiking the bill for essential medicines.

Instead of lining the pockets of pharma shareholders, this money could be used to fill roughly 75% of the more than 52,000 current vacancies in our collapsing NHS.

Tell the prime minister to not let big pharma hold the NHS to ransom.

Photo: Inc Drop/Shutterstock

  • Paul M 14.06.2024 18:09