Trade Bill: ask your MP to vote for trade democracy

The government’s Trade Bill is now before parliament.

As it stands, the bill doesn’t give parliament or the public any role at all in overseeing future trade deals. Instead, it gives trade secretary Liam Fox a blank cheque to negotiate over our food standards, our public services like the NHS, and corporate courts – with MPs reduced practically to spectators.

This is dangerous stuff. And we only have a matter of weeks to do something about it.

Over the last few months, many thousands of us have taken action to sound the alarm about the threat of dangerous deals being done in the dark. We’ve pushed the issue up the political agenda, including with MPs. All the opposition parties have expressed concern about the lack of democracy.

The bill narrowly passed its second reading in the House of Commons on 9 January, and has since been scrutinised by a committee of MPs, where Conservative MPs blocked a series of democratic amendments. All MPs will get another vote in late February.

We must push every single MP to demand a say on trade deals.

Please ask your MP to VOTE for trade democracy now.