UK leaders: Support the global exit plan from fossil fuels

The climate crisis is happening now, and fossil fuels are the number one cause. Yet every year the fossil fuel industry makes billions – and it’s still expanding. We urgently need to change course. 

The Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty is a global plan to bring a fast and fair end to the era of coal, oil and gas. 

This transformative global exit plan is being championed by climate-vulnerable countries in the global south. Now we need to get big polluting states like the UK on board.

Can you write to UK party leaders and ask them to endorse the Fossil Fuel Treaty – and put it in their manifestos for the election?

The Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty is a global campaign for an international treaty with three pillars:

1. Non-Proliferation

Stop making the problem worse by ending the expansion of coal, oil and gas production.

2. A Fair Phase-Out

An equitable plan for the wind down of existing fossil fuel production, where nations with the capacity and historical responsibility for emissions transition fastest, providing support to others around the world.

3. Just Transition

Fast track the adoption of clean energy and economic diversification away from fossil fuels so that no worker, community or country is left behind.

The Fossil Fuel Treaty could force rich countries – like the UK – to fulfil their obligations to countries in the global south, which face the worst effects of climate breakdown but have done the least to cause it. It could provide a plan for dismantling the climate-wrecking business models of fossil fuel giants, helping the world decarbonise at speed.

If you support our campaign, you’ll be part of a growing global movement that’s demanding a Fossil Fuel Treaty. It’s spearheaded by countries in the global south which are leaders on climate, including Vanuatu, Fiji and Antigua and Barbuda.

Photo: John Hanson Pye/Shutterstock

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