UK: Put Pupils Before Profit

Each year, the UK’s Department for International Development is spending millions promoting education privatisation in developing countries.

In a world where 262 million children are out of education, we need urgent action. But the private model is not the solution. Instead, it’s deepening inequality and creating schools that are run in the interests of profit first, pupils second.

The UK government is supporting the roll-out of ‘low fee’ private schools in countries including Pakistan, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and Nigeria – schools which, despite their name, often exclude marginalised students.

The UK is also supporting public-private partnerships and new financing schemes that will further entrench the private sector in public provision.

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Yet the evidence shows that, time and again, these schools:

  • Don’t reach the poorest and most excluded
  • Rely on unqualified, under-paid teachers
  • Are accountable only to investors, not communities or governments

Just as with the privatisation of education in England, our aid budget is being used to promote the interests of big business. Instead of pursuing market-based solutions, DFID needs to promote and support free, quality, public education – and put pupils before profit.

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In partnership with National Education Union