UK: Stop arming Israel

With a new UK government in place, we have a chance to demand decisive action to end the onslaught on Gaza and prevent further brutalities. 

Israel's assault on Gaza has persisted for months, with UK arms sales fuelling the conflict. Over 38,000 people have been killed, the health system has been destroyed, and whole towns have been levelled. 1.9 million people have been displaced, and Israel is under investigation for genocide. 

The UK's £487 million in arms sales to Israel since 2015, including F-35 components used in Gaza, make it complicit in these actions. As other countries, like the Netherlands, halt arms exports to Israel, it's vital to pressure the new UK government to change course. 

Demand that new foreign secretary David Lammy ends UK arms sales to Israel now. 

Photo: Widespread damage to buildings near the Palestine Tower in Gaza City after bombardment by Israeli forces. Credit: Geopix/Alamy Stock Photo.

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