UK: Support access for all to Covid-19 testing, treatments and vaccines

Ask the Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock, to commit to supporting the proposal for a Covid-19 global mechanism for all countries to get access to affordable testing, treatment and vaccines.

The spread of Covid-19 globally will only be halted if everyone has access to tests, treatments and any future vaccine. Global solidarity has never been more important. Sharing knowledge openly would speed up research while removing monopolies on treatments and vaccines would save lives quickly.

The World Health Organization is launching a global pooling mechanism where countries can freely or affordably access the treatments and vaccines needed to save lives. Now more than ever, we need global solutions like this one which would put public health before corporate profits. 

The UK government has already attempted to weaken this proposal in negotiations. If its serious about achieving access for all, it needs to start by supporting this pool and ensuring big pharma take part. 

Email the health secretary Matt Hancock's office today.

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Image:Wiki commons