UK: Support global access for all to Covid-19 testing, treatments and vaccines

The global spread of Covid-19 will only be halted if everyone has access to tests, treatments and any future vaccines. But the current system is dominated by corporate monopolies and secrecy around research and know-how. Instead of keeping solutions under lock and key, we need international sharing based on solidarity.

The World Health Organization has launched a global pooling mechanism so that countries can access the treatments and vaccines needed to save lives at an affordable price. Now more than ever, we need global solutions like this one that put public health before corporate profits. This pool will help to prevent monopolies, expand manufacturing capacity and ensure affordable prices for all countries. And yet the UK government has not joined this pool.

Email the health secretary Sajid Javid's office today and call on the UK to join the World Health Organization’s Covid-19 Technology Access Pool

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Image:Wiki commons